Lots of hashtags #UnsuscribePodcastCorbuzier Gegara Shows Gay Couples, Here Are the Facts

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1NEWS – Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast is back in the spotlight. This time it was related to the presence of Ragil Mahardika and Frederik Vollert as resource persons. They are a gay couple, who got married in Germany.

Deddy’s video podcast with Ragil and Frederik was uploaded on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel on Saturday (7/5). Until now, the podcast titled ‘TUTORIAL TO BE G4Y IN INDO = MOVE TO GERMANY – = MOVE TO GERMANY (so watch it before you get angry -RAGIL AND FRED – Podcast” has been viewed 5.3 million times.

Netizens are busy blaspheming Deddy. Until the last two days the hashtag was trending on Twitter. From Prophet Lut, Sodom, Deddy to #UnsubscribePodcastCorbuzier. The majority of netizens think that Deddy has given a stage to the LGBT community. Moreover, this is not the first.

Previously quoted from netizens’ tweets on Twitter, Deddy had presented several sources related to LGBT. Such as podcasts entitled “The Most Intelligent Lesbian Couple… Hormone Injections etc. – BLOK (Jeje Nino)” and “Girls Married to Girls.. YUMI INTM – Deddy Corbuzier Podcast”.

“The content that they say is for smart people? @corbuzier are you lost your mind just chasing edsen?” quipped netizens.

“Use the tutorial title to be gay in Indonesia, which Ragil invited. The podcast that used to be famous for its education and high-class sources is now free-falling into ordinary content, only needs viewers,” another netizen tweeted.

There has been no explanation from Deddy Corbuzier regarding the commotion that occurred. The hashtag #UnsubscribePodcastCorbuzier so far seems to be just a hashtag. As observed from socialblade, the number of subscribers to Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel has not decreased, it is still 18.7 million.

In fact, the number of viewers of the content continues to grow every day and becomes one of the highest in Deddy’s Podcast. So…


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