Mourinho loses at Fiorentina, the only way to Europe is now only through the May 26 final – 1NEWS

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Mourinho lost at Fiorentina, the only way to Europe is now only through the May 26 final

Jose Mourinho and the AS Roma players made life difficult for themselves after losing at home to Fiorentina in their Serie A clash last night. With four teams fighting for European places, the Giallorossi’s only chance is to win the final on 26 May.

A controversial penalty from Nico Gonzalez and another goal from Giacomo Bonaventura saw Fiorentina win 2-0 and take a total of 59 points, as many as Mourinho’s squad on the Serie A table.

This causes La Lupa’s chances of qualifying for next season’s Europa League competition will be even slimmer as Lazio (62), Fiorentina (59) and Atalanta (59) are all fighting for the two places in Europe’s second tier competition, with only two Italian League matches remaining until end of season.

La Magica will now look to work a miracle to win in the Europa Conference League (UECL) final on 26 May at Arena Komb√ętare in Albania’s Tirana, against Dutch side Feyenoord.

Victory at the top of Europe’s third tier competition will give them a ticket to play in the group stage of next season’s Europa League, if entry through Serie A fails to obtain.

Hosts Fiorentina’s first goal in the fifth minute was controversial after Gonzalez fell in what appeared to be a light touch on him. But Bonaventura’s second goal was the fault of Roma’s own players, with five visitors failing to stop the player’s run into the box before he shot into the bottom right-hand side of Rui Patricio’s goal.

The game itself was evenly matched in terms of possession, but the hosts had more attempted goals (10) than Mourinho’s side (6). Six strikes on target were aimed at Rui Patricio’s goal with two on target, compared to just one shot on target from the capital’s side.

The list of teams that are fifth to eighth in the Italian League standings is as follows:

  • No 5 Lazio, 62 points
  • No 6 Roma, 59 points
  • No 7 Fiorentina, 59 points
  • No 8 Atalanta, 59 points

The Giallorossi’s defeat caused not only La Viola to dream of competing in the Europa League. Even Atalanta, who was previously pessimistic, can now try to enter the competition.

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