Preventing Acute Hepatitis, Director of Unud Hospital Asks to Beware of Backflow – 1NEWS

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fuel/illustration/Prevent Acute Hepatitis, Director of Unud Hospital Asks to Beware of Backflow.

President Director of Udayana University Hospital, Dr. dr. I Dewa Made Sukrama confirmed that the Acute Hepatitis virus had entered Indonesia, but had not been detected in Bali.
He invited the public to be aware of the transmission of this mysterious virus that attacks children aged 1 to 16 years by avoiding activities that involve many people.

In addition, he assessed that backflow activity must also be watched out for as a potential for transmission of the virus.

“There will definitely be a backflow, now how to educate the public when there is a crowd. One, to avoid children from the crowd,” he said during an interview on Monday, May 9, 2022 in his office.

More specifically, he said that one of the transmissions could occur when swimming in pools and shopping centers. In addition to avoiding crowds, parents are advised to maintain the health and immunity of their children.

In responding to this phenomenon, Dewa Sukrama said that the Unud Hospital had held discussions with experts from the Unud Hospital to map the potential transmission of the virus.

“We have held a “morning talk” with two resource persons, namely Prof. Pande Januraga who is an epidemiologist and Dr. Metri, a pediatric specialist,” he said.

However, he reminded the public not to worry too much about this phenomenon. It will also continue to update the information with the Bali Provincial Health Office.

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