PSIS Opens Voice about Allegations of Jandia Eka Putra Participating in Persecution of Brimob Members

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1NEWS, The management of PSIS Semarang opened up about the legal case that befell one of its goalkeepers, Jandia Eka Putra. Laskar Mahesa Jenar -the nickname PSIS- claimed to respect every existing legal process.

According to PSIS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Yoyok Sukawi, he was previously unaware of the news that Jandia was suspected of being involved in a case of mistreatment of Brimob members in her hometown of Padang, West Sumatra. Yoyok admitted that he just got the information from the mass media.

“We just read about it in the media this afternoon. First, we respect the existing legal case, then we also put forward the principle of presumption of innocence against our goalkeeper, Jandia Eka Putra,” said Yoyok Sukawi in a written statement, Monday (9/5).

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Furthermore, Yoyok emphasized that PSIS Semarang was willing to provide legal assistance to Jandia. This was done as a form of concern for Laskar Mahesa Jenar for the goalkeeper.

“If necessary, we will also legally accompany Jandia in the case,” explained Yoyok Sukawi.

As previously known, Jandia was questioned by the Padang Police on Monday (9/5). The 34-year-old goalkeeper is suspected of being involved in the mistreatment of a Brimob member at Pasir Jambak Beach, Padang, Sunday (8/5) yesterday.

Head of Public Relations of Padang Police, Ipda Yanti Dalfina, said that currently Jandia Eka is still being questioned as a witness. He said that so far two people had been named as suspects in this case.

“It is still being investigated and still being examined as a witness,” he told reporters, Monday (9/5/2022).

“Now (Jandia Eka Putra) is still a witness, if he is involved, we will determine the suspect. Meanwhile, two suspects have confessed,” he said.

Confirmed separately, the Head of Criminal Investigation at the Padang Police, Kompol Dedy Adriansyah Putra, explained that this case began when Jandia and others were playing football together at Pasir Jamba Beach on Sunday at 15.30 local time.

At that time, Brimob members were traveling to the beach with their families. While he was sitting and his son was playing in the sand, a young man came playing football, a team of 5 people.

While playing, continued Deddy, the ball almost hit the Brimob member’s family, then the victim was reprimanded twice, then a verbal war ensued and ended in beatings.

“Currently we are still conducting inspections and do not want to rush, we have to check one by one so that it takes time,” he concluded.[]


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