Recognize the Signs of the Holiday Blues after the Eid Holidays and How to Overcome Them – Latest Celeb News

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1NEWS – Eid holidays are over. Now it’s time for you to return to your daily routine. For those who work, you have to get up early to go to the office. Meanwhile, students are required to go back to school and study.

In fact, there are some people who feel anxious and worried that they are not eager to return to their daily routines. In fact, you feel sad when you find out that you will be starting your work and daily activities again after the Eid holiday. This phenomenon is also known as the holiday blues or post holiday syndrome, which can be experienced by anyone after a long vacation.

Some signs of the holiday blues themselves such as; experiencing excessive anxiety about activities that need to be carried out, not having the motivation to carry out daily activities, changes in mood that become worse, experiencing signs of worse stress, experiencing sleep disorders such as insomnia, to feeling missing something.

So, so that the holiday blues don’t get worse, you should do some simple tips so that your mental health gradually improves. Launch page hellodochere’s how you can do it:

Enough rest

If you feel tired due to a long vacation, it never hurts to go back to rest at home with normal conditions. This will make you familiar with the atmosphere of the house and the environment in which you live everyday.

Make sure communication goes smoothly

There is nothing wrong with staying in touch with family through social media or gadgets. This is to reduce the feeling of loneliness experienced after vacationing with family.

Light exercise

Moderate exercise can help you reduce feelings of sadness or loneliness because it can increase endorphins. Do light exercise, such as walking or cycling.

Consumption of healthy food

After the Eid holiday, you should return to eat a variety of healthy foods. Besides being able to help improve mood, eating healthy foods after Eid can reduce the risk of diseases, such as cholesterol and diabetes.

Make a schedule of activities to be carried out

There is nothing wrong with making a schedule of activities or work that will be done after the Eid holiday. This makes you better prepared for the work to be done.

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