Susi Pudjiastuti Invites Elon Musk, If He Doesn’t Come Drowning

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1NEWS – Former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti suddenly made a scene on social media, Twitter.

Susi Air’s boss apparently invited the new Twitter owner Elon Musk to visit his hometown in Pangandaran, West Java.

“@elonmusk Hi Elon, allow me to invite you to Pangandaran my home town in the south coast of Java.
Beautiful little fisherman village,” wrote Susi Pudjiastuti through her Twitter account, quoted by 1NEWS, Monday (9/5).

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According to Susi, the invitation was given as a reply to Elon Musk when he went to Florida in 2017.

“As my appreciation to your 2017 invitation in Florida. (As my appreciation for your 2017 invitation to Florida),” he tweeted.

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Because of the tweet, netizens were excited and commented.

They even joked, if Elon Musk did not accept the invitation, he would be drowned.

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“Hey @elonmusk if you don’t come or accept the invitation, miss @susipudjiastuti will drown you,”


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