The Easiest Qualified HR Recruitment

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The easiest fuel/illustration/Quality HR Recruitment.

Generally, business people in the tourism sector, such as hotels and other tourism supporting facilities, recruit a “ready to use” workforce with a minimum of additional training according to company needs.
Recruitment of quality HR (Human Resources) is an acceleration to accommodate the needs of both domestic and foreign tourists. Starting from operational employees such as security, housekeeping, drivers, pool attendant, front office, waiters to tour guides who work at travel agents.

Multi-dimensional work in the tourism ecosystem, not only requires physically skilled workers, but also has the ability to manage customer moods and emotions.

This year and 2023 later, how big is the target for foreign tourist visits set by the government?

Whatever the optimistic target that the government wants to launch, it remains an encouraging stimulant and must be supported by all parties, especially tourism workers (Human Resources (HR) of tourism itself).

Then, how is the availability of human resources with quality and quantity to achieve tourism success? And how is the interest of HR to work in tourism?

At random, I reduced the area, for example, specifically for East Java and Jember. What is the labor absorption for the hotel sector, if the COVID-19 “endemic” is enforced? With a conservative recruitment calculation of 1: 1—meaning one worker per room who is assigned according to his/her field—this is only for hotels.

What about the tourism supporting sector businesses such as culinary and recreation? It still takes thousands to work in independent restaurants, golf courses, theme parks, transportation and so on.

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