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Ong Dam's Wives Highlight. [Sumber Gambar]

Living in the same house with a large family is considered normal in Indonesia. It usually consists of a married couple and their children. In fact, there are also children who are married and live there with their spouses and children. Although nowadays, this practice is decreasing due to various factors, one of which is household health.

However, have you ever heard of a husband living with more than one wife under one roof? Apparently this happened in the real world, a man in Thailand lived with his 8 wives in one house. The Thai man named Ong Dam Sorot. How did Ong Dam Sorot start to have 8 wives and live together? Check out the full review below.

First wife permission

Ong Dam’s Wives Highlight. [Sumber Gambar]

Highlight is a traditional tattoo artist in Thailand. He originally had a wife named Nong Sprite. Highlight’s encounter with the Nong Sprite took place at his friend’s wedding. They were married not long after that. Highlight, who intends to remarry, conveyed this to his first wife. Nong Sprite is said to agree and wants to meet his future husband’s second wife first. Sprite admitted that he agreed to this because he loved Highlight.

Highlight’s wives

Apparently not only wants to marry a second wife, Highlight has 8 wives. He met his second wife named Nong L at the market, while he met Nong Nan who became the third wife at the hospital. His fourth, fifth, and sixth wives are known through social media, namely TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Meanwhile, Sorot met the seventh wife named Nong Film at the Phra Pathom Chedi temple and met Nong Mai who became the eighth wife in Pattaya.

Ong Dam Highlight and his 8 wives. [Sumber Gambar]
Ong Dam Highlight and his 8 wives. [Sumber Gambar]

Highlight’s wives know that he already has a wife. They accept the condition of the Highlight. However, there are wives’ families who actually do not agree with their children marrying married men. Even though in the end, the women still decided to marry Sorot.

Live at home with 8 wives

Sorot and his 8 wives live in one house. One room is occupied by 2 wives. They will sleep with Highlight according to a predetermined agreement. Highlight’s wives have their respective duties at home. They also work such as making handicrafts and selling. According to the wives, they live in harmony because Highlight’s attention to them.

Ong Dam Highlight, a Thai man with 8 wives. [Sumber Gambar]
Ong Dam Highlight, a Thai man with 8 wives. [Sumber Gambar]

Highlight also mentioned that he gave his wife a choice whether to divorce or not with Sorot’s decision to marry many women. Until now, Sorot still lives at home with his eight wives. Sorot was blessed with a son from his first wife and now 2 other Sorot wives are pregnant.

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Sorot’s decision to marry many women and be said to get along does not mean that others can imitate him. What do you think about Sorot marrying many women?

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