Two Celebs Accused of Plagiarizing Stray Kids’ Songs, Fans Overheated: They’re Sick!

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Stray Kids.  (Soompi)

Stray Kids songs were accused of being plagiarized by two celebrities.

John Endra | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 | 04:00 WIB

1NEWS – The South Korean entertainment scene was hit by unpleasant rumors, several songs from the Korean boy band Stray Kids were accused of being plagiarized by two celebgrams.

The two celebs accused of plagiarizing Stray Kids’ songs are Adam Le Rigolow from France and Lele Pons featuring Kim Loaiza from Venezuela.

According to information obtained, Adam Le Rigolow’s song ‘DEMONGORGON’ was accused of plagiarizing Stray Kids’ song ‘VENOM’.

Stray Kids. (Soompi)

In addition to instrumental music, Hyunjin’s iconic sentence that sounds ‘pew pew pew’ is said to have been plagiarized by Adam Le Rigolow.

Although instrumental similarities are often found in the music world, a fan thinks it’s impossible to one hundred percent of two songs can sound similar.

Therefore, some fans think that Adam Le Rigolow has stolen the Stray Kids song.

“Inspired? Maybe not, they stole Stray Kids instrumentals,” wrote one netizen, “This is 100 percent copied Venom’s main rift,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, Lele Pons’ song featuring Kim Loaiza titled ‘Piketona’ was accused of plagiarizing Stray Kids’ song ‘MANIAC’.

The song ‘MANIAC’ was released on March 18, 2022, while the song ‘Piketona’ was released one month later on April 6, 2022.

Therefore, fans urge JYP Entertainment as the label that houses the boy band Stray Kids to take firm action.


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