Acute Hepatitis Makes Uneasy, Minister of Health Explains How to Prevent

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1NEWS – After the Corona virus, now people are worried about acute hepatitis. The acute hepatitis disease that is currently sweeping the world is thought to have entered Indonesia after three children were reported to have died from being infected with this mysterious disease. Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin asked the public to increase vigilance and take preventive measures, one of the ways is by maintaining personal hygiene.

“This virus is transmitted through food intake through the mouth. So if you can wash your hands diligently,” said the Minister of Health in a press statement after attending a meeting chaired by President Jokowi, at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Monday (09/05)

Early symptoms of acute hepatitis are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, sometimes accompanied by low-grade fever. Symptoms will get worse, such as thick urine like tea and pale white bowel movements. The Minister of Health requested that parents immediately check their children with these symptoms to the nearest health service facility to get an initial diagnosis.

“If you have a bowel movement and then you have a fever, then check the SGPT-SGOT. If it is above 100, it is betterrefer to the nearest health facility. SGPT-SGOT normally in the 30s. If it has risen a bit high, it is better torefer to the nearest health facility,” advised the Minister of Health.

Minister of Health revealed, currently there are 15 cases of suspected or suspected acute hepatitis. The first three cases in Indonesia were reported on April 27, a few days after the World Health Organization or WHO reported an extraordinary event or outbreak this disease in Europe.

The Minister of Health followed up on this incident by making a Circular regarding the Precautions for the Discovery of Cases of Acute Hepatitis of Unknown Etiology (Acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology)

“On April 27, we immediately issued a circular asking all hospitals and health offices to carry out surveillance monitoring in this case,” he said.

The Minister of Health added that his party had also communicated with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States and British Governments for information on this disease.

“The conclusion is that it is not yet certain which virus causes acute hepatitis. Currently, research is being carried out jointly by Indonesia, in collaboration with WHO and we are also collaborating with America (United States) and England, to be able to quickly detect the cause this disease. Most likely is adenovirus strain 41, but there are also many cases that don’t exist adenovirus strain 41 this,” said the Minister of Health.


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