Beautiful Bedouin Angels, Amazingly Beautiful

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1NEWS – No one knows that the Bedouin angel is in fact much sought after by male tourists when visiting there.

Yes, she is the Goddess Tea. A beautiful woman nicknamed the Bedouin artist.

Her natural beauty and charming appearance are the main attraction for tourists.

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She is one of the natives who is married to a man from the Outer Bedouin.

This Bedouin artist has a radiant and smooth white skin. Not a few netizens think that Dewi is of Arab descent. He also now has a son named Aceng.

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Quoted from the Monti Absurd YouTube channel, Tuesday (10/5), Dewi said that she had absolutely no Arab descent and was a genuine Bedouin.

She is now busy herself by being a housewife. Meanwhile, her husband worked in the fields.

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Meanwhile, she will cook and make crafts or sometimes weave cloth to make a shawl.


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