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The Bermuda Triangle area, always has a mystery story that cannot be accepted by human reason. Various supernatural events always accompany ships and planes that cross it. Many believe that the Bermuda Triangle is an area full of mysteries that are difficult to solve.

As happened to the ship that disappeared almost a century ago. It has been considered lost for decades, but suddenly it was found. Well, the loss of this ship is associated with the mystical area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle. What is the story of this curious discovery like? Check out this review!

After being lost for almost a century, finally found again

Quite strange indeed. A coal-carrying ship called the SS Cotopaxi mysteriously disappeared on November 29, 1925. The ship, which was carrying 32 passengers, suddenly disappeared while traveling from Charleston, South Carolina, to Havana, Cuba.

Illustration of a Ship (Image Source)

Various efforts were made. The research team began mapping the ship’s route, signal coordinates, and other clues. The effort was successful, the team found a shipwreck which was suspected to be the SS Cotopaxi. After a long wait, almost 100 years, the steam-powered ship was finally found.

Did the Cotopaxi SS Really Disappear? This is the Real Fact!

Before the discovery of the ship, various myths and mystical stories circulated in the community. In fact, there were also those who saw the ship reappear without a crew. It turned out that the ship did not really disappear.

Condition of the SS Cotopaxi Ship in the Sea (Image Source)

A researcher and explorer named Michael Barnette and his research team, have managed to find the shipwreck at a site known as “Bear Wreck”, off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida. After identifying from several documents, they concluded that the ship was indeed the SS Cotopaxi.

The state of the ship and the fate of its crew

Michael Barnette’s efforts to find and find the ship were very difficult. He and his team had to collect historical documents and ship insurance to find out when the last contact occurred on December 1, 1925.

Divers Search for Lost Ship (Image Source)

Until finally found a shipwreck, which shape, length, engine, and size of the boiler of this ship, exactly the same as the SS Cotopaxi. So, what happened to the ship and its crew? The wreck of the ill-fated ship was found sunk at the bottom of the ocean. The entire crew was declared dead.

Myths About the Bermuda Triangle

The loss of the SS Cotopaxi is directly linked to the Bermuda Triangle area. This conspiracy theory emerged just as the ship disappeared. In fact, St Augustine, the location where the ship was found, is not included in the Bermuda Triangle area.

Bermuda Triangle Whirlpool (Image Source)

Many people believe that the Bermuda Triangle area causes many ships and planes to mysteriously disappear. Simon Boxall, an oceanographer from the University of Southampton also spoke up. The area is dangerous not for mystical reasons, but as a meeting place for storms, so the weather there can be considered extreme.

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The disappearance of a ship or plane is not necessarily related to mystical things. It could be due to many factors. One of them is the SS Cotopaxi, which disappeared for no mystical reason. Moreover, the location of the disappearance of the ship is not in the Bermuda Triangle.