Briant Leaves, Sheila on 7 Has No Plans To Find New Drummer – Latest Celeb News

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The departure of Briant Kresna Putro from the band Sheila on 7 did not stop the band’s activities. However, the band from Yogyakarta will use an additional drum player if they return to the stage.

“Oh yes, (there was a gig) spent yesterday, if you use a drummer, it’s additional,” said Adam Subarkah when contacted by the media crew, Tuesday (10/5).

For the departure of Briant from the band that had made his name, the personnel of Sheila on 7 said that Adam, who also doubles as manager, was sincere.

“God willing, all Sheila on 7 personnel are sincere,” said Adam Subarkah.

In the meantime, Sheila on 7 has not decided to return to the stage even though the pandemic is starting to subside in Indonesia. They choose virtual gigs, such as when celebrating his birthday on May 6, 2022.