Deadly Accident on the Pantura Line, here’s the chronology and the list of the dead

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1NEWS, The Pantura Line of Subang Regency again claimed lives. At least 4 people died in a fatal accident on the Subang Pantura Line, to be precise in the Sukasari area, on Tuesday 10 May 2022.

Meanwhile, 10 other people were reported to have suffered serious and minor injuries in the accident.

According to the information gathered, the accident began when Elf’s car was full of passengers traveling from Jakarta to Cirebon.

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When he arrived at the scene, the Elf’s car, which was full of passengers, was about to turn right. However, because the distance was too close, the car was hit by a bus from behind.

The force of the impact caused Elf’s car to roll over and bounce off into the opposite lane. Suddenly from the opposite direction speeding truck.

Collision was unavoidable. Elf’s car that had rolled over was hit hard by a truck. As a result of the accident, four people were reported to have died at the scene.

One of the victims who died was Elf’s driver. While 10 other people were injured.

“Most of the victims were from Elf travel vehicles, because they were hit behind and hit by a box truck again,” said an eye witness, Nurdin.

Meanwhile, a bus driver named Agus admitted that it was difficult to avoid because the distance between Elf’s car and the car he was driving was quite close.


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