4 Moments of Arya Saloka’s Eid with Family, Harmonious Full of Love

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Eid Arya Saloka

The soap opera actor Arya Saloka has recently returned to the public spotlight because of his departure from the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. At the moment of Lebaran this year, Arya Saloka uploaded a moment to celebrate Eid with his wife, Princess Anne, and their son, Ibrahim Jalal Ad Din Rumi.

Previously, slanted news had enveloped the household of the celebrity couple Arya Saloka and Princess Anne.

The reason is, a video circulated showing the intimacy of Arya Saloka and his co-star, Amanda Manopo, which was allegedly not for the purposes of shooting the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. However, it seems that Arya Saloka, Putri Anne, and Amanda Manopo are compact not to provide any clarification regarding these rumors.

Therefore, with the harmonious portrait of the small family, it seems to dismiss the slanted issues that hit their household while at the same time proving that their relationship is fine. Arya Saloka and Princess Anne seemed to spend time with their children and family during the Lebaran moment.

What are the moments of togetherness with the Arya Saloka family like when they gather to celebrate Eid together? Check out the following review.

4 Moments of Arya Saloka’s Eid with Family

1. Portrait of Arya Saloka’s Child with Grandpa and Grandma

Photo: instagram/anneofficial1990

At first, Princess Anne only uploaded a photo of her child playing with her grandma and grandpa on the first day of Eid. Even at this Eid moment, Ibrahim was recorded chatting and playing with his grandparents and cousins.

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2. The Compact Moment of Arya Saloka, His Wife and Children during Eid

4 Moments of Arya Saloka Eid with Family, Harmonious and Full of Love

Photo: instagram/anneofficial1990

On the third day of Eid, both Princess Anne and Arya Saloka shared their little family photos. Arya Saloka appeared compact with his son, Ibrahim, wearing a brown koko shirt. Meanwhile, Princess Anne matched her green top with a bright yellow skirt and a white hijab.

Of course, the post was flooded with comments from netizens. Many netizens are happy to see the togetherness of the couple who is being hit by this infidelity issue.

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3. Happy Smiles Radiate in This Little Family

Eid Arya Saloka

Photo: instagram/arya.saloka

In another portrait, the three of them are still posing, happy smiles radiate from the faces of the three. In the photo, Arya laughs happily as she holds her son, Ibrahim. While his wife smiled as she hugged her baby.

There is no information written by the 30-year-old man who is famous for his acting as Aldebaran. One netizen expressed his happiness to see photos of Arya Saloka and Princess Anne.

“I swear for what I really like seeing Arya and her wife,” wrote one netizen in the Instagram comment column.

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4. Portrait Together with the Big Family

4 Moments of Arya Saloka Eid with Family, Harmonious and Full of Love

Photo: instagram/anne.officialpage1990

Not only sharing photos with Arya and their only son, Princess Anne also shared photos with her extended family.

This moment of togetherness makes netizens feel that their family relationship is fine. Although out there, the public still continues to wonder about the truth of the rumors of an affair between Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo.

Well, that’s the portrait of Arya Saloka’s togetherness with his wife, only child and extended family at this happy Eid moment. Hopefully the household of Princess Anne and Arya Saloka that they have built can last forever and find the best way for the problems they are facing, OK!

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