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Talking about thugs from Medan, of course we will immediately remember some names. For example, the most legendary are Pendi Keling or HMY Effendi Nasution and Sahara Oloan Panggabean. Their actions are known even outside Medan, including their generous side.

In addition to the two names above, the name Amat Boyan is also no less famous. Together with his groups, he made the community restless. Amat Boyan got the nickname as the King of Medan Bandits. What’s the full story? What crimes has he committed? In full, see in the following review, yes!

Committed crimes since the Japanese occupation zaman

Very Boyan Illustration and Ax Cap [sumber gambar]

His name is just Amat. Boyan’s name was pinned because he came from Boyan Village, which is located on Amalun Street, Medan. He has committed a series of crimes since the Japanese colonial era. Amat Boyan robbed and stole anything that could be taken from the homes of the Japanese. This action eventually forced him to be imprisoned in Pematang Siantar detention. However, he is known as a super slippery recidivist (people who commit repeated crimes), he can escape from prison by breaking the prison bars, then just disappear.

Feared by local people

Illustration of a thug who is feared by society [sumber gambar]

By society, Amat Boyan is said to have supernatural powers (and to associate with demons). That’s because Amat Boyan has a very thin body, but he has extraordinary strength. After escaping from prison and being a fugitive, he fled to the Asahan River Estuary. There, Amat Boyan hides on an island surrounded by crocodiles. Surprisingly, when the police chased the island, Amat Boyan had already fled to another place. It’s no wonder that when people hear the name Amat Boyan, people are restless and afraid.

Doing trouble and all kinds of problems

brawl illustration [sumber gambar]

Amat Boyan did not act alone, he formed a group to commit various crimes. In November 1945, in the name of the revolution, Amat Boyan robbed and stole in shops and houses belonging to Chinese people. He targeted every house that he considered as ‘the rich’ and had many valuable objects. No wonder Amat Boyan is known to be very disturbing to the Chinese.

Recruited by Pesindo but it backfires

People’s Warriors Illustration [sumber gambar]

Because he was known as a big-time thug, Amat Boyan was later recruited by Laskar Pesindo (Indonesian Socialist Youth). He was included in the armed forces which were named Cap Kampak. Unfortunately, the soul of Amat Boyan’s thugs cannot change. While at Pesindo, despite his status as a reliable spearhead, he still often committed various serious crimes. Amat Boyan is still involved in theft, robbery, and even rape. By Amat Boyan, Cap Kampak was made into a gangster group. The disturbing behavior of Amat Boyan and his group made many Chinese people flee.

The end of Amat Boyan’s actions

Thug illustration [sumber gambar]

Because it was seen as a boomerang that tarnished Pesindo’s name, with the agreement of the Pesindo Guard Headquarters, they wanted to end Amat Boyan’s action. In April 1946, together with the Republican Army, Pesindo attacked Amat Boyan’s troops around Kota Brastagi until they were defeated. In this battle, Amat Boyan was killed. The Amat Boyan (Cap Axe) troop team which was dispersed at that time was repelled. Amat Boyan’s history ended as one of the famous thugs of his time.

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History records the name Amat Boyan as one of the thugs in Medan who was feared especially by the Chinese. However, Amat Boyan’s gait eventually collapsed because he was killed by the Pesindo group that recruited him as a member.