Deddy Corbuzier Delete Content After Public Criticism, Ragil Mahardika Opens His Voice

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1NEWSDeddy Corbuzier drew public criticism after inviting the LGBT couple, Ragil Mahardika and Frederik Vollert, to podcast hers. As a result of this content, Deddy also had to lose hundreds of thousands subscribers YouTube and tens of thousands followers Instagram.

Don’t want polemics, Deddy Corbuzier finally apologized. The father of one also deleted his content along with Ragil Mahardika and Frederik Vollert.

Regarding this, Ragil Mahardika also opened his voice. Through uploads on his personal Instagram, the man who now lives in Germany stated that he had no problem with the removal of content carried out Deddy Corbuzier.

“Whether it’s taken down or not, that’s the Podcast’s business. What’s certain is that I’m happy to be invited to the Podcast and be able to share my story,” wrote Ragil Mahardika.

“Ragil and millions of other Ragils, will still be by your side. If you want to stay away from your friends, friends, family, just because you have a different orientation, that’s your choice,” he continued.

Furthermore, Ragil Mahardika said that he would still be himself even though he had to reap a lot of opposition and criticism from the Indonesian public. According to him, “different” is not a crime. Nor is it an obstacle to living life like the average person.

“One thing you should know, being different doesn’t make us evil, being different doesn’t make us disobedient, being different doesn’t make us criminals, being different doesn’t mean we can’t get a decent job.” he concluded.


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