Jakarta Is Hit by Hot Weather, Check Out Tips for Dealing With It!

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Jakarta Is Hit by Hot Weather, Check Out Tips for Dealing With It!

The scorching hot weather has occurred in the DKI Jakarta area and its surroundings in recent times. The temperature can reach 36 degrees Celsius and an explanation from the BMKG states that this condition is not a heat wave but a transition season.

To deal with this hot weather, there are 5 tips that can help: Parents do so that you can move comfortably.

Jakarta Is Hit by Hot Weather

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During the past week, the DKI Jakarta area and its surroundings have been hit by hot weather which makes it stifling to do activities. Especially during the day, people feel that the sun’s heat is more intense than usual days.

The hot weather that covers the city of Jakarta and its surroundings is estimated to reach a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius during the day. Not infrequently, the city is also accompanied by heavy rain, especially at night. According to BMKG, this condition is the beginning of entering the transition season.

However, not only in the Greater Jakarta area, the transition season also occurs in most parts of Indonesia, especially the Java-Bali-Nusa Tenggara region and the Indonesian region which is south of the equator in the April-May period.

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BMKG’s explanation of the transition season

Hot weather

Source: BMKG

Launching from CNN IndonesiaBMKG’s explanation of the current weather conditions in several regions in Indonesia is caused by the transition period from the rainy season to the dry season, or often referred to as the transition season.

“Generally, during the transition period or before the dry season, weather conditions, especially in the morning, are dominated by sunny weather conditions and very low cloud levels can cause quite hot and scorching temperatures during the day with the potential for rain accompanied by lightning/lightning,” according to the BMKG’s Coordinator for Weather and Early Warning, Miming Saefudin.

BMKG also does not confirm that this hot weather is a heat wave or heatwave which is a phenomenon of prolonged hot air conditions for 5 consecutive days and reaches an average temperature of up to 5 degrees Celsius more.

“This heat wave phenomenon usually occurs in middle-high latitudes such as Europe and America which is triggered by atmospheric dynamics conditions at middle latitudes,” said the Deputy for Meteorology, Guswanto, quoted from CNN Indonesia.

“Meanwhile, what is happening in the territory of Indonesia is the phenomenon of hot/hot temperature conditions on a daily variability scale,” Guswanto added.

The reason the air temperature feels hot according to BMKG

Tips for Facing Hot Weather

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The BMKG explanation continues regarding several factors that cause the phenomenon of hot air temperatures that occur during the day in several areas. Observations show that Indonesia will reach its highest maximum temperature on May 1-7 2022, which is 33-36.1 degrees Celsius.

“The apparent position of the sun is now in the north of the equator, which indicates that some parts of Indonesia will begin to enter the dry season, where the rate of cloud growth and the phenomenon of rain will be greatly reduced, so that sunny weather in the morning before noon will be quite dominant,” he explained.

The scorching hot weather during the day in several parts of Indonesia, called the BMKG, will still occur until mid-May. Therefore, BMKG appeals to the public to always maintain the condition of body stamina and adequate body fluids.

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5 Tips for Facing Hot Weather

Hot and scorching weather will hamper work productivity and daily activities, especially when outdoors. Parents You must maintain a healthy body so that you can continue to carry out activities as usual with the following tips.

Launching from several sources, here are 5 tips for dealing with hot weather:

1. Drink more water

Tips for Facing Hot Weather

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Hot weather can reduce the level of fluid in the body so that it can cause dehydration. So, in this hot weather, Parents need to maintain the intensity to drink water so that the body’s fluid needs can be met properly.

Don’t forget to bring water when traveling to a place, whether it’s a place to work or when you’re traveling with your family. Moreover, those of you who have children, are always ready to bring drinking water.

2. Using Moisturizing Cream or Sunscreen

Tips for Facing Hot Weather

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In addition to body fluids, the skin also tends to be affected by exposure to the scorching sun. Skin that is too often exposed to heat from the sun will become dry, dull, and prone to irritation.

Therefore, use a moisturizing cream or sunscreen equipped with anti-UV with sufficient levels. By using this cream, the skin will be protected from the scorching heat of the day.

3. Wearing Loose, Cotton Clothes

Tips for Facing Hot Weather

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If you want to feel comfortable in your activities even though the weather is hot, you can work around this by wearing supportive clothes. Like what? Use clothes with materials that are not too thick and tight. Choose a cotton material that can absorb sweat.

It is not recommended to choose black when you are doing outdoor activities because black can absorb the sun’s heat. Choose bright colors like white, yellow, or pastel colors.

4. Using an Umbrella or Hat

Tips for Facing Hot Weather

Source: CNN Indonesia

Not only clothes, you can also add other protective equipment such as umbrellas or hats. Outdoor activities will feel more comfortable if you use an umbrella or hat because it can block sun exposure.

Always provide this umbrella or hat when you want to be active outside the house, even though you will use a closed vehicle later.

These supplies can be an anticipation when the scorching heat is much more pronounced.

5. Limiting Outdoor Activities

Tips for Facing Hot Weather

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It is undeniable, despite having prepared all kinds of protection and anticipation, the hot weather during the day still has a small or big impact. Therefore, you should limit outdoor activities if they are not too important.

This doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house, but just do activities that are obligatory. If it’s not very important and urgent, find another day with more favorable weather.


This is information about the hot weather that is happening in the Jakarta area and its surroundings. Remember and pay attention to some tips for dealing with the hot sun so that you stay comfortable and safe in your activities.

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