Jessica Jung’s Latest Novel Reaps Attention, Is Her Leaving From SNSD Also Told? | Kpop Chart

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Not long ago, Jessica Jung has released her latest novel entitled “Bright”, which is a sequel to the novel released in 2020 titled “Shine”.

It is a continuation of Rachel’s story written by Jessica, a Korean-American who became a K-Pop idol and various secrets in the South Korean entertainment industry, are presented indirectly in “Bright”.

However, through her latest novel, Jessica has received various responses from K-Pop fans, who suspect that the senior idol adapted her problems with SNSD in the past, from the point of view of Krystal’s older sister.

In addition to getting support for her writing in the novel “Bright”, Jessica also received criticism for being considered to lead to public opinion about the problems between herself, SNSD, and SM Entertainment in the past, which is still a mystery as to why she left the group and agency.

What is your opinion on this issue? (1NEWS)