Kudang resident Uyah Tasikmalaya is furious to find a man’s body in the bathroom

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1NEWS, A lawyer in Kudang Uyah Village, Cipedes Village, Cipedes District, Tasikmalaya City was found dead at his home on Tuesday (10/5/2022). Suddenly it made a commotion and became the center of attention of residents around Uyah Village.

Indihiang Police Chief, AKP. H. Iwan said the lawyer, Ismet Priyatna (54) was found dead in the bathroom of his house. Ismet’s body was first discovered by his mother while looking for her son.

“The body of a lawyer in Tasikmalaya City was first found by the victim’s mother while looking for her child but was not found in the house. Continue to look for the toilet, guess it’s locked in the bathroom. Then ask for help from the housing security guard to open it by force. At that time the victim was lying lifeless,” he said, Tuesday (10/5/2022).

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Iwan also explained that after receiving a report from the victim’s parents, the Indihiang Police then contacted the Inafis Satreskrim Team of the Tasikmalaya City Police to conduct a crime scene investigation and evacuate the body to Dr Soekardjo Hospital.

Currently, the victim has been evacuated to the morgue of RSUD dr Soekardjo for a post-mortem.

“Meanwhile, the cause of death of the victim is still under investigation by the Indihiang Police and the Tasikmalaya City Police,” he concluded.[]


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