Melaney Ricardo Admits He Often Skips Sunday School: I’m Removing Watching Doraemon

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Ziva Magnolya, Melaney Ricardo, and Nirina Zubir (YouTube/TS Media)

Melaney Ricardo shares his experience of skipping Sunday school.

Ade Wismoyo | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 | 11:10 WIB

1NEWS – Melaney Ricardo candidly recounted her experience often skipping Sunday school at the Church as a child.

Melaney Ricardo’s story was told when talking with Indonesian Idol dropout, Ziva Magnolya.

At first, Ziva Magnolya revealed the secret of the mature and religious nature he got during Sunday school at the Church.

Ziva Magnolya, Melaney Ricardo, and Nirina Zubir (YouTube/TS Media)

“Actually, Mama and Papa have been invited to church since I was little, told to go to Sunday school,” said Ziva Magnolya.

Hearing this, Melaney Ricardo was spontaneously provoked to share his experience of Sunday school.

In contrast to Ziva Magnolya, Melaney Ricardo admitted that he often skipped Sunday school because his schedule clashed with Doraemon’s schedule.

“Actually, I was also told to go to Sunday school in my family, I just stopped watching Doraemon,” said Melaney Ricardo.

As a result, Melaney Ricardo prefers to watch Doraemon shows rather than attending Sunday school.

“It used to be 8 o’clock, Doraemon, so I had to pull it out. It’s crazy, can’t it, I have to watch it,” he continued, quoted from YouTube TS Media on Wednesday (11/9/2022).

On the other hand, Nirina Zubir as the host appreciated the maturity of Ziva Magnolya’s attitude at a young age.

“Mature too, it is a stage where people have experienced many trials in life to get to this stage,” replied Nirina Zubir.

In this regard, a number of netizens also gave various responses and comments.

“Brother Melaney laughs brutally,” wrote a netizen, “Ziva vibes are really God’s children,” continued another netizen, “Great hosts,” another netizen said.


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