Rumors of Ha Yeon Soo Retiring from the Entertainment Industry, Here’s How His Former Agency Responds

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1NEWS – Ha Yeon Soo is said to have retired from the entertainment industry. The former agency finally commented on the issue.

Recently, fans noticed that the profile of Ha Yeon Soo who was not doing any promotions had been removed from the management portal site that houses her. Making fans speculate that Ha Yeon Soo has retired from the entertainment industry.

In response to these rumors, Ha Yeon Soo’s former agency ANDMARQ, as reported by Soompi, commented, “Our exclusive contract with Ha Yeon Soo expired earlier this year. To our knowledge, he is studying art overseas in Japan.”

Regarding profile deletion on line-her, the agency added, “His profile was not deleted by the company. The details are difficult for us to confirm.”

searched from his Instagram, Wednesday (11/5) Ha Yeon Soo was seen in Japan. As in the post 6 days ago, he marked the location where his post was taken. Namely at the Nezu Museum in Tokyo Japan.

The last post, Tuesday (10/5) showed Ha Yeon Soo wearing a gray sweater posing with his eyes on the camera. In another picture, cherry blossoms are in full bloom, marking the arrival of spring in Japan.

Ha Yeon Soo made her debut in the 2013 film Very Ordinary Couple and rose to fame for her appearances in dramas such as Monstar, 4 Legendary Witches, Drinking Solo, and Rich Man, Poor Woman.

The owner of 561,000 Instagram followers also starred in BIGBANG’s music video for “Let’s Not Fall in Love.” Last year, he made his debut as a painter when he opened his individual exhibition “Ha Yeon Soo: The Form of Memory.”



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