‘Yes, his name is matchmaking’, not yet officially divorced, Olla Ramlan already has the code to look for Brondong?!

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1NEWS, Depok —

Olla Ramlan is currently waiting for the results of the divorce process with Aufar Hutapea. Even though he hasn’t hit the hammer yet, Olla has been mentioned about the next couple when he attended the “Rumpi” event recently.

Feni Rose as the host mentioned the possibility of Olla Ramlan following in the footsteps of her best friend, Wulan Guritno, dating popcorn. As is known, Wulan Guritno is in love with Sabda Ahessa.

Have you ever been with someone younger, if for example later you get a much younger one, like Wulan, how about that?,” asked Feni Rose in the Rumpi show, quoted by 1NEWS Wednesday (11/5).

Yes, it’s called a mate or love, right?,” said Olla Ramlan, laughing.


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