Comfortable in Loneliness, These 4 Zodiac Signs Have No Problem Being Single For a Long Time

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1NEWS – If alone enjoying a steaming cup of coffee by your window is your idea of ​​the perfect Sunday, there’s a good chance you like loneliness. While some people fear loneliness, there are others who crave it.

Here are 4 zodiac signs who like loneliness according to astrology, as revealed by Pinkvilla.


Leos are lonely lovers. While most of them are introverts or ambivers, even extroverts don’t mind being lonely. They feel comfortable in silence and see it as an opportunity to reflect on their thoughts, make important life decisions and evaluate themselves. Leos feel better alone than with someone who doesn’t fit their mood. Plus, loneliness helps them become better versions of themselves.


Scorpios also prefer to be lonely. Scorpios like to spend time with themselves, accompanied by a book or a cup of coffee. Meeki Scorpios have great relationships with other people, they are not people who want to be surrounded by people all the time.


If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a Cancer, you know how much they love loneliness. A Cancer won’t mind being alone, and will always prefer a solo trip or vacation. Because of past experience or a sense of insecurity, they can never be the best around people. Only when they are alone will they be themselves.


Libras also like being alone. They feel at home and will not hesitate to cancel plans. Whether it’s a party, a movie, or a vacation, a Libra prefers to go out alone or with someone they trust completely. Only when they are lonely can they set goals, make plans, and find solutions.


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