Kaya Scodelario, Lance Reddick, Ben Hardy to Star in Space Thriller Apteros

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Rich Scodelario (The Maze Runner), Lance Reddick (John Wick), and Ben Hardy (Bohemian Rhapsody) are rumored to be joining a new film project set in outer space. Variety reports that the three have been contracted to be involved in the science fiction thriller film Apteros. The film, set in the future, follows the journey of a group of astronauts on a deadly mission. Apteros is scheduled to begin shooting this fall in Hungary.

Scodelario will play Tressie, a science officer. Reddick will play Mitchell, the crew captain, while Hardy will play Wade, a systems engineer. This special team headed to Mars after it was discovered that the planet has bacterial life. However, the crew later discovers that a strange event occurred on the spaceship, and that it has also put all life on Earth in danger, now the crew must try to save not only themselves, but the entire human race.

The film will be directed by Edward Anderson (Flawless), who also wrote the screenplay. “The idea of ​​mysteries in outer space is exciting and combining the challenges and risks of the human search for alien life increases the possibilities,” Anderson said. “With Apteros, I was excited to explore these concepts in the difficult context of science fiction, by creating a deeply human story about paranoia, isolation, fear, and the dangers of technology in the face of the realistic discovery of alien life in its smallest scale, most confusing forms. .”

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