These 5 Countries Have Amazing Sex Cultures

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1NEWS – Cultural differences can have an impact on sex customs and culture in each country.

Here are some examples:

1. Brazil

Latin America is a storehouse of hot faces. Sensual aura is not only emitted by women, but also from men.

Along the coastline, there are sexy women with sensual brown long legs. This country is also claimed to be the homeland of the thong, thin pants that always go well with the bikini.

In The Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior, this country is mentioned as the holder of the longest sex duration in the world.

This record was achieved because based on a survey, the average Brazilian population has sex for at least 30 minutes.

2. Italy

For Italians, sex is a routine that must be done every day. No wonder, many judge Italians sexy and romantic. Italian men with a distinctive face and a stocky jaw shape make many women fall in love. Especially with Don Juan’s signature smile. A survey says, 32 percent of Italians aged 60 years still have sex regularly.

3. Russia

The Cold War that lasted for years seemed to hide the sex life of the Russian population. Communism forced entertainment venues to shut down or run businesses clandestinely. After the collapse of communism, the wild life in Russia was slowly revealed. Clubs and bars providing night entertainment are starting to dominate the business portion of this country known for its high libido.

4. Poland

Behind the conservative Polish sex culture, this country turns out to have an annual sex festival titled Eroticon. This festival showcases the newest and most innovative sex products and aids. But the hottest thing from Poland is the world gangbang record held by 2 Poles. Klaudia Figura managed to do gangbang with 646 men, while Marianna Rokita with 759 men. Both of them perform gangbang action in just one day.

This record was then broken by American porn actress, Lisa Sparxxx who made love with 919 men in a day at the Eroticon festival, February 2004 ago. However, after tracing her origins, it turns out that Miss Sparxxx is of Polish descent as well.

5. China

This country is no longer a new player in the realm of sex. The heritage of tradition in the form of mighty potions to techniques for having sex has been contained in a number of ancient books written thousands of years ago. The evolution of Chinese culture that continues to roll has helped the development of sex culture in the country of the bamboo curtain. In just 8 years, no less than 5000 shops providing sex aids and equipment were established in every corner of Beijing. Yes, in Beijing alone there are 5000 shops!

This high demand also helps China’s economic growth. 70 percent of sex products sold worldwide have a logo made in China.


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