6 Portraits of Rizky Billar Homecoming to Lesti Kejora’s Hometown

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rizky billar going home

In this year’s Eid moment, many Indonesian people carry out the homecoming tradition. Likewise with the young couple Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora. The moment Rizky Billar went back to Lesti’s hometown felt so special because he also invited his only child.

The arrival of Billar and Lesti was also warmly welcomed by the entire extended family. Likewise with the villagers who are now their fans. Want to know the excitement of going home for the family who is familiarly called the Leslar family? Let’s look at the portrait below.

6 Portraits of Rizky Billar Homecoming Eid

1. Go back to Lesti Kejora’s hometown

Source: Youtube/Leslar Entertainment

This Eid, Lesti and Billar celebrated with their families in Lesti’s hometown in South Cianjur, West Java. In the video that was shared on their personal Youtube page, it was clear how the Eid atmosphere was there. They also celebrated Eid with great joy with Lesti’s extended family.

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2. Baby L Goes Home for the First Time

rizky billar going home

Source: Youtube/Leslar Entertainment

Besides being able to celebrate Eid with their extended family, they also feel happy because they can bring baby L home for the first time. Since being born in January, baby Leslar has never visited her mother’s hometown. Baby L immediately became the center of attention around Lesti’s extended family.

3. Compact Wearing All-Green Outfit


Source: Instagram/rizkybillar

Like most other families, this celebrity family also wears Eid uniforms with all-green shades. Baby Leslar even wore the same turban his father used. It’s so great! This is what this happy family portrait looks like on Eid day.

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4. Invite Baby Leslar to Ride a Motorcycle


Source: Youtube/Leslar Entertainment

Not only going home for the first time, Lesti and Billar also invited their baby to ride a motorbike in their hometown. At that time they rode a motorbike to visit the meatball stall which had been Lesti’s favorite. The mother of one child was nostalgic by eating meatballs which had been her favorite for a long time.

5. Treat Meatballs for Locals


Source: Youtube/Leslar Entertainment

The popularity of Lesti and Billar also reached their hometown. That’s what makes the moment of eating their meatballs to be lively. Seeing the many residents who had gathered at the meatball stall, the couple also treated them to tasting the meatballs. The residents, who mostly consisted of children and mothers, seemed embarrassed to accept the invitation.

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6. Ending with a Group Photo


Source: Youtube/Leslar Entertainment

The moment to meet the idol does not seem to be wasted by local residents. They also took advantage of it by asking for a photo together. Billar also responded to the photo request casually. Happily, the residents were finally able to take pictures with their idols alternately and in an orderly manner.

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