Being Aremania’s Most Wanted Player, This is Evan Dimas’ Comment | 1NEWS

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Arema FC for the first time in the last two years opened a training session to be witnessed directly by Aremania while practicing at the Gajayana Stadium, Malang, Wednesday (11/5/2022). Around a thousand Aremania were present in the stands for spectators.

When the training session ended, it was predictable that Aremania took to the field to hunt down players with the aim of taking pictures together.

Evan Dimas is the player that Aremania crowds the most. Understandably, the 27-year-old midfielder has become the most flashy signing that Arema FC has made ahead of the 2022/2023 season.

“Evan Dimas is blue,” shouted Aremania while taking a photo with Evan Dimas, who is known to be a resident of Surabaya.

Seeing the number of supporters who asked for photos, Evan Dimas remained calm. He did not rush into the dressing room even though the other players were not on the pitch.

After changing clothes and going home, Evan Dimas was again surrounded by Aremania. it turned out that there were still many fans who asked him to take a photo together.

The former Persija Jakarta and Bhayangkara FC player never refused. With a smile he served one by one the fans who came.

Evan Dimas admitted that he didn’t mind being asked to take pictures with so many Aremania who came to support Gajayana Stadium. In fact, he felt happy to be able to interact directly with the fans.

“It’s nice to finally meet Aremania in person. Hopefully it can continue like this until we win,” Evan replied.

Evan Dimas was the last player to leave Gajayana Stadium after training ended. For about 30 minutes he had to be stuck on the field. Fortunately, there were Arema FC officials who gave way for Evan to get some rest.

You could say, Evan Dimas is now Aremania’s new idol. Although many other recruits have quality, Evan Dimas still has his own charm.

For Aremania, the recruitment of Evan becomes a prestige in itself. Arema FC managed to bring him in, even though Persebaya, who was his hometown team several times, had invited him to join.

However, Evan Dimas reminded that there should be no provocation by being in Malang. He remains professional. Evan respects Aremania as a supporter of the club he is defending. But, on the other hand, he is a resident of Surabaya.


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