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1NEWS – Increase stamina in sex, often refers to how to make sex duration longer and more satisfying. The average time for men is only about 2-5 minutes, while women can be longer, which is around 20 minutes.

Although identical to men, actually women also need to increase stamina so that intimate relationships are more exciting. Launch page hellodocHere are tips to increase sexual stamina for men and women.

Pelvic floor exercises and exercises

A stronger body allows you to last longer in bed. Any type of exercise is fine, but the most recommended is strength training. This type of exercise can make you physically stronger.

For example, increasing arm strength includes bicep curls and tricep extensions. If you want to build upper body strength, you can try push-ups. For more strength in your core, try doing sit-ups and planks.

In addition, also try to do pelvic floor exercises regularly. This exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles that surround the bladder, buttocks, vagina, or penis.

Healthy eating pattern

A healthy diet can help maintain a healthy weight and promote cardiovascular health. A healthy cardiovascular system can help you increase your stamina. A little bit of this will have a positive impact on resilience in bed.


Masturbation can help increase sexual stamina by teaching you how to control your orgasms. Especially if you experience premature ejaculation. If done right and not overdone, it can also help figure out how to get yourself to orgasm, which can make sex more enjoyable.


There is nothing wrong with trying herbal ingredients that are believed to increase sexual stamina. For men, one of the herbs that can be tried is ginseng. Many studies have linked the benefits of ginseng to male sexuality. Research has found that ginseng can help improve erectile dysfunction symptoms.