Defeating Luna Maya to be accepted by the Reino Barack family, Syahrini is called not getting along with her husband’s brother: Don’t be friends with him!

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1NEWS, Brass —

Although Luna Maya and Reino Barack have been in a relationship for quite a long time, in a short time Syahrini succeeded in shifting Luna Maya’s position to be accepted into Reino Barack’s family.

No doubt there are many rumors circulating that Syahrini is the favorite son-in-law of Reino Barack’s parents. Rumors that Syahrini was the ideal son-in-law of his parents Reino Barack were also confirmed by Christine Hakim, someone who is very close to the family of Luna Maya’s ex-girlfriend.

According to him, Syahrini’s statement was very accepted by her husband’s family because of her very good personality. His attitude was considered very polite towards his parents.

“If Syahrini knew Syahrini as a celebrity, but in the two meetings, Christine’s mother already felt that she was very polite to her parents,” Christine exclaimed.

“After observing more, Syahrini is indeed a polite child and very obedient and respectful to his parents. It fits there. His family’s religion is also strong, it fits from there too.” explained Christine Hakim.

However, Syahrini’s relationship with her mother-in-law is currently in the spotlight. This is because he no longer shows his closeness to Reino Barack’s parents, even though previously Syahrini had always admitted that he was the ideal son-in-law who was blessed by Reino Barack’s parents.

The closeness of Syahrini and his mother, Reino Barack, was rumored to be cracked after Syahrini commemorated Mother’s Day by uploading a photo of his biological mother, but not uploading his mother, Reino Barack, who is his father-in-law.

Dear Mama.” wrote Syahrini giving a description of the photo of his mother.


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