Differences in Belief with Pangantin’s Father Writes Sadness When Married

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different beliefs with father

Not long ago, a short video showing the wedding process caught the attention of netizens. Because, in the video, the bride expresses her sadness because her father cannot become a marriage guardian because of different beliefs from his father.

Different Faith with Father, Bride Sad when Married

It is Cristin Natalia, a Muslim woman who married the man of her choice, Arib Lutfi Naufal in April 2021.

This woman who wears closed clothes and wears a veil every day expresses her feelings when she is about to start a new life with her partner.

In the video caption he made, @christin_natalia.ip said goodbye to his father:

Daddy, I’m leaving as your daughter. The time has come for me to soon be his wife. In the end, life required me to get to know one better man besides Daddy.”

different beliefs with father

Like most other girls, Cristin also considers his father as his first love. Where he learned to recognize the figure of a good man who would later become a life companion.

Apparently, the condition of different beliefs with his father made him actually learn a lot. Not only getting to know a good man, but at the same time learning the importance of tolerance. How to see the difference in life.

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Because his father’s beliefs are different from his. Cristin adheres to Islam, while his father is a pastor and works at a church in Timika, Papua.

Cristin also had time to write that he could understand how his father felt. If the father often marries the bride and groom in the church, but this cannot be done for his own daughter.

different beliefs with father

“One of the hardest things my father and I felt when my father was able to marry off other people’s children in church. But we cannot marry off her own daughter, because of our religious differences,” he said.

Cristin continued, “As a result, the guardian of my marriage is the guardian of the judge, not my father. However, I am very grateful and very happy that day because he gave a surprise that he was willing to come all the way from Timika, Papua to Berau (East Kalimantan) to attend my wedding day,” he explained.

Different Faith with Father, Cristin Gets Valuable Lessons

different beliefs with father

Source: Instagram @christin_natalia.ip

Although the father could not be the guardian of the marriage, Cristin also revealed that he was very happy with his father’s presence. He did not miss this moment, where he captured the beautiful moment through photo shots.

This veiled woman also wrote, “This is the first photo wearing a veil with my Daddy.”

Through her Instagram, Cristin also expresses how much she loves her father. In fact, he realized that the thanks seemed out of balance with the love and care that his father had poured out for him.

The following is an excerpt of thanks that Cristin wrote:

different beliefs with father

Source: Instagram @christin_natalia.ip

“Thank you will not be enough to repay all that has been given to me. But, believe me there is more than that in my heart. Although finally there is another man that I love, but believe me if daddy is actually my first love.
Sorry for everything that I can’t make it happen for you. Healthy and healthy there, my dear daddy, may Allah always protect you, Love you.
Editing it while making a fuss about it, because it’s only been 2 days since I’ve seen daddy but he has to go back to Timika, Papua”

Important Message from the Father

Although different beliefs, it does not reduce the closeness of Cristin and his father. Even through one upload on his Instagram, Cristin posted a photo of himself with his father who had his ‘oversized’ clothes. Where Cristin wears Muslim clothes and wears a veil, while his father wears the typical priest’s clothes.

“My father and I both have our own clothes of pride,” he wrote.

In addition, Cristin also wrote a message from his father that he will continue to remember and become the handle of his life.

different beliefs with father

Source: Instagram @christin_natalia.ip

“You can tell that you have the best Daddy who always SUPPORTS you and even though you don’t inherit the world’s treasures, but only inherits the values ​​of life and eternity, namely living honestly, faithfully, loving people as they are regardless of religion, ethnicity/race, but seeing that they are all are people of God’s creation Just like us.

Honor your father and mother so that you may live long… and the greatest inheritance is the FEAR OF GOD. That’s enough to be your life capital…

Remember dear, “You only live once, but if we use that one life to be a blessing and useful for others and especially for the glory of God’s name, then that one life is enough.

Even though we are separated by distance but you are never separated from Daddy’s prayers every time..I Love You my sweeatheart❤️❤️❤️ and GOD BLESS YOU…”

Furthermore, Cristin also had time to write thanks because he had the best parents so that he often remembered moments when he was little.


Through the uploads of Cristin, who has different beliefs with his father, we can certainly learn that tolerance and respect are very important. Parents agree?

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