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1NEWS In addition to rarely cleaning your teeth, an unhealthy diet can also cause various problems with your teeth. Therefore, the selection of the type of food also needs to be considered. There are foods that are hard textured or contain high sugar that can be bad for teeth.

Then, drinks that contain acid can potentially damage teeth. Launch page clickdoctorHere are foods and drinks that need to be limited to consume so as not to damage your teeth.

Sour candy

Sour candy generally has a chewy texture, so it can stick unnoticed for a long time. The rest of the candy that sticks to it can invite bacteria to come. If not cleaned properly, over time the bacteria will produce acids and eat away at the teeth and cause dental caries.

The acidic condition of the oral cavity can actually be neutralized by the production of saliva. One way to produce saliva is to chew gum that does not contain sugar. So that the minerals in the teeth do not dissolve due to acid, you should not brush your teeth immediately after eating sour candy.


You must be wondering, why oranges are included in the list of foods that can damage teeth? This can happen if you eat oranges too often. This is because the acid in oranges can erode the enamel, making your teeth more susceptible to damage.

So that oranges don’t cause problems with your teeth, drink water after consuming them. Try to consume whole oranges because they are better for teeth than juiced.

Alcoholic beverages

Not a few dental and mouth problems that arise due to alcohol consumption, one of which can become dry mouth. In people who consume alcohol, the mouth will tend to be dry due to decreased saliva production. In fact, the role of saliva is very important.

Saliva functions to clean food debris and protect teeth from decay. If the dry mouth is allowed to continue, then the self-cleansing activity of the teeth does not work. As a result, the teeth will easily experience dental caries or tooth erosion.


Most people often enjoy ice cubes by biting them. In fact, this bad habit can cause cracked or broken teeth, which can make teeth more sensitive.

Potato chips

Potato chips contain starch which can turn into sugar. If the sugar is firmly attached to the teeth, it will become food for the bacteria contained in the plaque. Plaque buildup can cause various dental problems. Therefore, potato chips are also included in the list of foods that can damage teeth.


Fizzy drinks are one of the drinks that damage teeth. The content of sugar, acid, and carbonation in it can accelerate the growth of tooth-damaging bacteria. In addition, the content can also accelerate the process of erosion of the enamel layer or tooth erosion.

Coffee and tea

The caffeine content in coffee and tea has health benefits. No wonder many people consume these drinks every day, for example as a mood booster. Unfortunately, too many people can’t stand the added sugar to the drink. Excessive added sugar can certainly have a bad impact on dental health if not cleaned.


Why does chewing a piece of bread cause tooth decay? The reason, white bread or other foods rich in starch causes saliva to break down starch into sugar. This sugar can stick to the gaps in the teeth, which can cause tooth decay or cavities.