‘He was crying with a child..’ Billy Syahputra uncovered, Vicky Prasetyo finally admits that he was pregnant with soap opera actor Hidayah: I was wrong!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Known to have multiple partners, Vicky Prasetyo never escape from the story of his past with a number of women. Even more surprising, it turned out that Vicky had impregnated a soap opera actor and this was also known by other fellow artists.

This fact was revealed through a TV program hosted by Vicky Prasetyo. at that time, Billy Syahputra alludes to the dark days of Vicky, who had been bumped into by an artist he knew while carrying a child.

“When we were at the Kuningan show. What we were shooting with Aa Raffi, he didn’t even know. Vicky Prasetyo, you agree, when you were still in a relationship with the wife yesterday. What you broke down in the bedroom door,” explained Billy Syahputra, quoted from various source.

At that time, Billy Syahputra admitted that he was quite surprised to see an artist he knew crying to Vicky while carrying a child.

“Suddenly there is a woman I know and you all know, the soap opera actor Hidayah. She was crying with her child,” said Billy Syahputra.

Vicky Prasetyo did not deny Billy’s words. By carrying the name of God, Vicky admitted that the child the artist brought was his son.


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