Indonesian Medals Increase, Wushu Turns to Donate Silver and Bronze

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“Let’s continue to add more medals to the SEA Games athletes from the pride of the country!”

1NEWS – Indonesia won silver and bronze medals in sports wushu on SEA Games 2021 in Vietnam which was held at Cau Giay Gymnasium, Hanoi, Vietnam, Friday (13/05/2022).

Silver medal brought to you by Nandhira Mauriskha from the Womens Taolu Jian Shu number, while the bronze was donated by Seraf Naro Siregar from Men’s Taolu Chang Quan.

Nandhira won 9.67 points, flanked by first place winner Thuy Vi Duong from Vietnam with 9.70 points, and third place winner Binh Dang Tieu who was also from the host with 9.66 points.

In the Women’s Taolu Jian Shu number, Maura did not appear alone to represent Indonesia, but Zoura Nebulani only got fourth place with a value of 9.65.

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While the bronze medal was won by Seraf Naro Siregar with 9.69 points, narrowly competing with the champion Su Wei Clement from Malaysia with 9.70 points and Jowen Si Wei L who also won 9.70 points.

Edgar Xavier M from Indonesia who also appeared in the same number was only able to rank 6th with a value of 9.46.

Naro admits that he didn’t really think about winning a medal, but how to play the best for Indonesia.

“Actually, it’s above expectations, because expectations don’t have any indication of wanting any medals. The important thing is to bring out the best for Indonesia. The medal is in God’s hands,” Naro said as quoted by Antara.

Therefore, Naro is very grateful to be able to win a medal even though it is only bronze, and is quite satisfied with his performance today.

“If it’s lacking, there’s still a shortage, there’s more, there’s a lack. Maybe I should be able to (play) more calmly,” said Naro, who has appeared at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

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