Kedonganan Market Traders Raise Prices, This Is What Bendesa Says – 1NEWS

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bbn/medsos/Kedonganan Market Traders Raise Prices, This Is What Bendesa Says.

Kedonganan Indigenous Village Head, I Wayan Mertha explained a brief chronology and explanation of what actually happened when viral traders at the Kedonganan Market allegedly increased the price of fish many times.
During Eid, he said, there was one visitor who wanted to enjoy sea food and then bought it at the Kedonganan market. Because of the Eid atmosphere, there is no fish supply.

Likewise, the supply of fish traders from Java did not come, so there was a shortage. Even in Kedonganan at that time many cafes did not have fish supply and the prices were also out of control at that time.

“At that time the visitor wanted to buy live lobster and crab if the normal price was usually Rp. 280 to Rp. 300 thousand per kilo. But at that time the price per kilo was Rp. 350 thousand, meaning that it was indeed rare and high demand,” he explained when confirmed, Friday (13/13). 5) in Badung.

The visitor felt that the price was raised because at that time the cafes were experiencing a shortage of fish stocks. So, he said, whatever the price, it must be bought.

“So this is purely a transaction between buyers and traders, so there is no deliberate attempt to raise prices, this is indeed a rare item. This condition is normal if the price is rare, the price will rise,” he said.