Moments Indonesian Supporters Give Happy Birthday to Shin Tae-yong

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“A form of trust, hopefully it can be returned by presenting a trophy…”

1NEWSShin Tae-yong just celebrated his 52nd birthday and victory Indonesian U-23 National TeamTop Teamnas U-23 Philippines in the men’s soccer Group A match SEA Games 2021so one sweet gift.

In the match which took place at the Viet Tri stadium, Phu To, on Friday (13/5) afternoon WIB, it ended with a 4-0 score for the victory of the Garuda Muda squad. The four goals were each scored by M Ridwan, Rizky Ridho, Egy Maulana Vikri, and Marselino Ferdinand.

Besides the victory, it turned out that Shin Tae-yong received another sweet gift, but this time from Indonesian fans who came all the way to Vietnam.

Some of them also wished Shin Tae-yong a happy birthday.

“Coach Shin, come here. Happy birthday,” cheered the crowd to Coach Shin who was on the field at the Viet Tri Stadium, Phu To, Vietnam, Friday (15/5) reported by Antaranews.

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Shin who saw the enthusiasm went straight to the fans who were in the lower stands who couldn’t wait to greet him and give him a small red and white flag.

“Thank you Coach. Waiting for you in the final,” cheered the fans again, to which Shin replied with a smile and a thumbs up.

Previous squad Indonesian U-23 National Team had also held a special event to celebrate the tactician’s birthday.

And I hope that the hopes of Indonesian fans will soon be realized, and not only until the final, this nation is already longing to see Gold medal Sea Games awarded to sports warriors, last won in 1991 SEA Games.

(persistent faithadi dharma/gie)