More Interesting or Worse? This is the new format of the 2024/2025 Champions League

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“Honestly, English clubs will benefit greatly. How come? Here’s the analysis”

1NEWSChampions League will undergo major changes in 2024/2025. The most prestigious club competition on the Blue Continent will be held with a new format that allows the Premier League to get a maximum of seven representatives with a minimum of five!

The change to the format will be announced by the UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin, this week. This change can finally put an end to the potential emergence European Super League initiated Real Madrid, Barcelonaand Juventus. This change in format will later lead to more meetings between clubs from the same domestic league.

Later, four teams were added so that the Champions League would consist of 36 teams instead of 32. So, there were 189 matches. That is different from the previous one which held 125 matches.

Two of the four new slots will be awarded to countries whose clubs achieved the best collective performance during the previous season. That means there is an extra place for Premier League and Eredivisie.

UEFA has also confirmed that another spot will be awarded to the league team that is in third place in the country that is fifth in the rankings. The team will join the third qualifying round.

Meanwhile, one more slot will be given to the domestic champion by increasing the quota from four to five the number of clubs that qualify through the “Champions Path” play-off. The group stage stage will also be cancelled, and replaced by the league stage, which is dubbed the “Swiss Model”.

What’s that Swiss Model? Each team will play a minimum of eight times in this phase of the league with rules of play four times home and four times away. The top eight teams will automatically qualify for the knock-out phase. Meanwhile, the teams that finished 9-24 play in a two-legged play-off to decide who reaches the knockout stages.

The eight matches will be played in 10 weeks. That means there will be an exclusive week dedicated to European football, with matches being played in the Champions League, Europa League, and European Conference League.

How does the Swiss Model work? In principle, this model is a bit complicated. But, it will be easier to understand when the tournament actually takes place.

Matches will be arranged via seeding, which is designed to ensure that each team plays a set of matches of equal strength, with four home games and four away games. So, there will be no repetition of the opponent. This differs from the current Champions League format when teams play each other twice in the group stage.