Puput Says Doddy Sudrajat Blocked WhatsApp Account: Just Like Teenage Girls Dating

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Puput Sudrajat (Youtube/OPRA Entertainment)

Puput revealed that his WhatsApp account was biocided by Doddy Sudrajat.

Nur Khotimah | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Friday, May 13, 2022 | 20:42 WIB

1NEWS – After officially divorced in March 2022, Doddy Sudrajat’s relationship with Puput does not appear to be very harmonious.

Recently, Puput bluntly revealed that Doddy Sudrajat had blocked his WhatsApp number.

“He blocked my WhatsApp number. Well, I blocked it back,” said Puput quoted from Instagram @lambe_turah on Friday (13/5/2022).

Puput Sudrajat (Youtube/OPRA Entertainment)

Therefore, the former mother, who continued by Vanessa Angel, blocked Doddy Sudrajat’s WhatsApp number.

“If I want him to keep in touch because I have a child. But, he decided that way, I’ve just followed it,” he said.

In addition to blocking WhatsApp numbers, Puput also revealed that Doddy Sudrajat was also reluctant Mayang and Chika returned to a duet.

“He communicates through Chika’s manager. It has been decided from his side that Daddy doesn’t want a frame, he doesn’t want a contract with Chika,” he said.

However, Puput emphasized that he still has a good relationship with Mayang to this day.

“If Mayang is still intense. I don’t ask her Daddy, it’s more like Mayang ‘how are you doing’, ‘Have you eaten yet’, ‘what program is today’,” he concluded.

In this regard, some netizens considered Doddy Sudrajat’s relationship with Puput to be like that of ABG children.

“Just like ABG children going out,” wrote one netizen. “You know, you’ll be close to Vicky Prasetyo,” another netizen said. “Adults are not owned by all adults,” another netizen said.


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