Shocked during childbirth at the Midwife Clinic, this mother is traumatized

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The experience of being yelled at during childbirth in a midwife's clinic traumatized this mother.  What is the full story like?

Giving birth should be a pleasant experience for a mother. The wait for 9 months will finally pay off with the presence of the baby. But what happens if the mother is yelled at during childbirth? Of course this will cause trauma for the mother who experienced it.

One mother, let’s call her Nina’s mother, shared her experience of being yelled at during childbirth by a midwife who was supposed to help Nina’s mother go through labor.

What’s the full story like?

The Experience of Being Shocked During Childbirth Traumatized Me

Giving birth is the dream of mothers who have been pregnant for 9 months. It’s like I want to rush into giving birth so I can meet my baby. But expectations do not match reality. I thought it would be fine but the reality was not what I expected.

Just Opening 1 Already Given Induction

At that time I was just opening 1, suddenly given intravenous fluids but it turned out to be an induction fluid by the midwife around 8 pm. At that time I was handled by a midwife on duty at night.
At first I was fine for a few hours, but in the next few hours I started to get sick. I can stand even though it hurts and try to inhale and exhale and istigfar. But it’s getting sicker over time.
It really hurts like being crushed. Every 5 minutes for 4 hours I feel pain that has no end until I forget how to inhale and exhale.

Shouted during childbirth

At about 3 in the morning, the mother and husband who accompanied them immediately called the midwife. But what do I get? Even the midwife was angry.
“If you’re in pain, don’t scream.. just take a breath. It’s annoying to other patients. he snapped as he left.
My husband couldn’t help but feel sorry for me.
yelled at during childbirth
Then my mother spoke while holding back tears and stroked my head in a trembling voice
“The midwife is angry, Teh, because Mamah woke her up. I’m sorry Mamah. Because of Mamah, Teteh was yelled at.”
I can only be silent even though I don’t really accept it because it’s not my parents’ fault. After all, it’s time for him to work, not sleep.
Maybe my parents were sad since I was little that they never shouted at me but people I’ve only known for a few hours dared to yell at me.
Not long after my water broke and I was immediately transferred to another room. It felt like the contractions were getting more intense and I was getting more and more sick until my body was shaking.

Again Shocked by Angry Midwife

Being yelled at by a midwife during childbirth makes this mother traumatized, let's see the story!
At exactly 7.55 my baby seemed to be coming out. My mother panicked and called the midwife saying I was going to give birth. Meanwhile, my husband had to wait outside.
The midwife and her team came and prepared the equipment while angry
“This is what you call doing!!!” The midwife said angry
It means that he is already home, even though he is delayed because he has to deal with me.
Finally I gave birth and my baby survived. But I had to be sewn because there were a lot of tears. It seemed that the midwife was really annoyed with me to the point that even when I was sewing, I was still weak.
“Watch out if you scream again!” he threatened.

Being yelled at during childbirth traumatized me

For those of you who ask why I didn’t fight? That’s because my condition is very weak. I don’t think about anything other than wanting to go home as soon as possible, the important thing is that my children and I are healthy and safe. And just once I gave birth in this place.
I don’t know why until now, I’m still traumatized remembering the midwife’s treatment at birth. Until I think that I will have children in 5-6 years. I hope this trauma goes away soon.

Tips for Choosing a Good Midwife to Help Delivery

Being yelled at by a midwife during childbirth makes this mother traumatized, let's see the story!

Nina’s mother’s experience should have been avoided. Midwives are health workers who should understand what a mother who is giving birth goes through.

For those of you who are looking for a midwife option to assist with childbirth, consider the following tips so that your birthing experience is minimally traumatized.

1. Find out about the Midwife

Research is important, including when selecting a midwife to assist with delivery. In addition to reputation, you also need to ask friends or relatives or people who have given birth at the midwife’s place. How is the service, whether the midwife is good enough to treat patients or not. If the track record is not good, you should find another midwife.

2. Time and Place of Practice

Childbirth is sometimes unpredictable, contractions and openings can last for hours or even days. Make sure the midwife you go to can accommodate this, try not to choose a midwife whose practice location is too far from where you live.

3. Can Give A Feeling Of Comfort

Giving birth is quite a traumatic and frightening experience for a mother, especially a mother who is about to give birth to her first child. So choose a midwife who can give you a sense of comfort during the delivery process. Even from the time of pregnancy, is the midwife good enough to explain and give you peace of mind. Also willing to be contacted during an emergency or if you have a complaint.

4. Good Medical Procedures and Equipment

The safety of the mother and baby in the delivery process must be prioritized. Therefore, choose a midwife who has adequate medical services and equipment. Also, do not force if there are difficult conditions that can threaten the life of the mother or baby and choose to refer the patient to a gynecologist.


That’s the story of Nina’s mother who was yelled at during childbirth and traumatized her. Have you experienced a similar incident?

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