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Nagita Slavina’s Style Wears a Full Pattern Shirt-Dress, Netizen: Never Fails to Wear Anything

Dreams – Bold patterns with bright colors are indeed quite ogled this year. Previously, earth tone colors were the prima donna, now bolder colors such as blue, yellow, green, and bright orange are starting to be in demand by many people.

Even these bright colors are combined in one piece of clothing such as the shirt-dress worn by actress Nagita Slavina.

Dressed casually, Raffi Ahmad’s wife wore a white t-shirt combined with short pants made of casual jeans. Giving a festive impression to her appearance, Nagita wore a shirt-dress with open buttons that made it look like she was wearing a cardigan.

Instagram @fashion_nagitaslavina© Instagram @fashion_nagitaslavina

These shirts have a very lively motif and combine yellow, green, red and white colors.

Reported from Instagram @fashion_nagitaslavinaThis Flora Pleated shirt-dress from the brand from is priced at around Rp. 1.4 million.

Not afraid to play with colors, this mother of two combined her look with a red mini bag and dad sandals in a more neutral color, namely white.

Seeing the appearance of Nagita Slavina who dared to mix and match fashion items, many netizens praised this woman born in 1988.

SI NEVER FAILS WITH ANYTHING😂,” wrote the account @anordinarywoman_.

@anordinarywoman_ I agree, I just wanted to comment on this 😂reply to account @heylusiana.

Wow, I’m just copying this style. Uhuii 😍😍😍 the style, not the clothes. I’m still far away from shopping for Mama Gigi’s clothes wkwkwkw 😂😂😂,” wrote the account @dimsumbugo.