Sprinkled with Miracles, These 5 Fantasy Korean Dramas Can Restore Your Spirit! | Kpop Chart

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In living a life that can sometimes feel routine, there are times when we need a supply of miracles to rekindle our spirits.

If you want to take a break from reality, the following Korean dramas present stories that are rich in imagination, thick with magic, and carry fantasy elements that are ready to entertain you. Check out the choices below!

The Sound of Magic
The Sound of Magic (Photo: Netflix)

The lives of two teenagers who were once dark changed drastically into an amazing story after meeting a mysterious magician named Ri Eul (Ji Chang Wook).

The journey of Yoo Ah Yi (Choi Sung Eun) and Na Il-deung (Hwang In Youp) in growing up makes them reflect on the meaning of dreams and what it really means to be an adult.

This series is based on webtoon popular title Annarasumanara and is a fantasy music drama with soundtrack mesmerizing, beautiful choreography, and stunning visuals.

Tomorrow (Photo: Netflix)

This fantasy series tells the story of an unemployed man named Choi Jun Woong (Rowoon) who accidentally becomes half human and half spirit.

The death squad then recruits him as a new member assigned to undergo a special mission, which is to save people who want to end their lives.

tomorrow featuring fun scenes and captivating visuals, including the angel’s amazing ability to stop time!

Bulgarian: Immortal Souls
Bulgarian: Immortal Souls

Since his birth, a man named Dan Hwal (Lee Jin Uk) has been cursed to eternal life and will never die.

In the midst of his mission to retrieve his soul and attempt to end a grudge that has been burning for hundreds of years, he meets a woman who has also lived through several reincarnations.

The presence of other characters with their own secrets makes the fantasy element in this series so strong, supported by strong visuals and pleasing to the eye.

The King: Eternal Monarch
The King: Eternal Monarch (Photo: Netflix)

The King: Eternal Monarch tells the story of two parallel worlds that run side by side and the relationship of the people who live in both worlds.

Get ready to explore the mystery that opens the gate between the two worlds with King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) of the Kingdom of Corea and Detective Jung Tae-eul (Kim Go Eun) of the Republic of Korea.

This series is able to spark curiosity with a murder case that connects two worlds, as well as the dual appearance of each character!

The School Nurse Files
The School Nurse Files (Photo: Netflix)

The School Nurse Files featuring a magical and adorable world along with thick fantasy elements.

An adaptation of the novel by Chung Se-rang, this series follows the story of a nurse named Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu Mi) who works at a school and has an unusual ability to see various supernatural creatures in the form of jelly.

When a series of events disrupt the school, Eun-young muster the resistance with the help of her colorful sword, as well as a Chinese teacher named Hong In Pyo (Nam Joo Hyuk) who turns out to have special powers to help Eun Young.

Are you ready for an adventure to places full of wonders? Watch all of these shows on Netflix! (1NEWS)