Tasya Kamila Celebrates Her Son’s Birthday at Disney World | Parenting.1NEWS

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Mutia Nugraheni

May 13, 2022 16:12

Dreams – Tasya Kamila and her husband, Randi Bachtiar, have been in New York, United States (US) since a few weeks ago. Randi, after recovering from lymph cancer, decided to return to continue his education at Columbia University, New York.

The whole family of Tasya and Randi even celebrated Eid in the United States. The moment when they were in the US, Randi and Tasya seemed to take full advantage of it to pamper their only son, Arrasya.

This cute boy just had his 3rd birthday on May 13, 2022. Arrasya got a special gift this time, because she was invited to a place that many children in the world dream of, namely Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

This is known from uploading photos on Tasya’s personal Instagram account, @tasyakamila. What’s this family fun like at Disney World? Let’s take a peek.

Mickey Mouse Theme

  Tasya and Randi's family

This family is compact wearing the same themed outfit, namely Mickey Mouse. Randi and Arrasya wore T-shirts with the classic Disney characters on them. Meanwhile, Tasya wore a Mickey-printed mera shirt and a Minnie Mouse headband.