The impact of being too busy with Fuji, Tariq Halilintar will be reported to the police by this figure, Netter: Strange!

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1NEWS, Rembang —

Sensational lawyer Farhat Abbas will report the couple Tariq Halilintar and Fuji because he thinks they are too talkative on social media.

“If it still sticks like a postage stamp, we will report it to the Singapore police. Greetings, the Pandai Party,” said Farhat Abbas sarcastically, Tariq Halilintar and Fuji who had just vacationed in Singapore.

In response to this, Fuji remained relaxed even though his courtship style with Tariq Halilintar was disputed by Farhat Abbas.

“Yaaa,” said Fuji through his account on Instagram, Friday (13/5/2022).

Meanwhile, Tariq Halilintar has also responded to the news that Farhat Abbas will be policing him. Atta Halilintar’s sister did not expect to be reported to the police because she loves her lover too much.

“It’s hard, just love you being reported to the police,” said Tariq Halilintar.

Lawyer Farhat Abbas is rumored to be reporting Tariq Halilintar and Fuji to the police. Because, he judged that the lovers were too slaves to love, aka bucin. This was stated by Farhat Abbas through his account on Instagram.

According to him, the bucin attitude of Tariq Halilintar and Fuji can affect the growth of Gala Sky.


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