Zinidin Zidan Again Blasphemed, Accused of Playing Azan

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1NEWS – The issue of insults against Andika Kangen Band has not yet been resolved, singer Zinidin Zidan is again reaping controversy. He was blasphemed for being accused of harassing Muslims after playing the call to prayer.

The accusation was widely circulated on social media after a video circulated by @afifafia on TikTok. In the video, Google Voice is heard highlighting the actions of Zinidin Zidan.

“Zidan forgot himself again, the call to prayer was made into a toy,” said his voice, which was the same as the text in the video.

Initially, Zinidin Zidan was singing the Makassar folk anthem. But at the end of the song, Tri Suaka’s relative connects the tune like the rhythm of the call to prayer. It was also seen that Zinidin Zidan covered one of his ears as if pretending that someone was praying the call to prayer.

Dimly also heard a man say takbir after Zinidin Zidan finished his song.

“Allah Akbar,” said the man, who then Zinidin Zidan bowed his head.

Until now, Zinidin Zidan has not provided a response or explanation regarding the viral video. It is not known when he recorded the video.

“It’s too late at this point,” wrote netizens.

“Keep escorting until you’re dressed in orange,” another netizen said.

“There’s nothing wrong with this person,” said netizens.

Previously, Zinidin Zidan’s name went viral because he and Tri Suaka insulted Andika Kangen’s band while parodying one of his songs. It was reported that Zinidin Zidan died on Eid day, Monday (2/5) yesterday due to a single accident.



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