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Drama Viu Original Woori The Virgin which just aired this week immediately received enthusiastic response from drama lovers in Indonesia. Evidently, this drama is perched in the list of the five best dramas most liked this week on Viu.

This drama tells the story of a woman, Oh Woo Ri (played by Im Soo Hyang) who had strictly maintained her chastity before marriage but ended up getting pregnant after an accidental artificial insemination during a medical examination.

Oh Woori’s life has undergone a big change since it was discovered that she was pregnant. However, it wasn’t just a sudden pregnancy that surprised the audience. There are a number of other messes in this week’s episode that will make you laugh and wonder at the same time.

While waiting for the latest episodes every Monday and Tuesday on Viu, check out another surprising fact. What really happened to Woori?

1. Woori is a popular girl who is dating a detective
Woori the Virgin (Photo: Viu)

As a teenager, Woori had promised not to have sex until he got married. Apparently this promise made Woori make fun of his friends when he grew up. They think Woori is outdated because he has never had sex.

Among her friends, Woori is a popular girl who is liked by many men. However, these men backed off after knowing Woori would not have sex before marriage. Woori’s friends don’t know that Woori actually has a girlfriend. When Woori was picked up by his girlfriend, they were surprised by the charm of Woori’s lover.

Lee Kang Jae (Shin Dong Wook) is a detective who has been dating Woori for two years. Kang Jae knows Woori’s wish not to have sex before marriage and Kang Jae respects that wish.

However, Woori is worried about what his friends say about sexual relations he has never had. Woori tries to kiss Kang Jae and opens up about sexual activities before marriage.

Unfortunately, Kang Jae refuses to be kissed by Woori and there is a barrier that prevents Woori from talking about having sex with Kang Jae.

2. Raphael asks for divorce from Lee Ma Ri
Woori the Virgin (Photo: Viu)

Another character, Raphael (Sung Hoon) is unhappy with his marriage to Lee Ma Ri (Hong Ji Yoon). After Raphael was declared cured of stomach cancer, he filed for divorce from Lee Ma Ri. Raphael’s request was flatly rejected by Lee Ma Ri who wanted to keep the marriage. Raphael was able to recover from his cancer thanks to the chemotherapy he underwent.

Before undergoing chemotherapy, Raphael first froze the sperm he had because of his desire to have a family. Lee Ma Ri gets angry when she finds out that Raphael is asking for a divorce from her and finds a way so that Raphael doesn’t divorce her.

Lee Ma Ri learns of Raphael’s frozen sperm from his mother’s Byeon Mi Ja (Nam Mi Jung). Byeon Mi Ja has a connection that allows her daughter to be artificially inseminated without Raphael’s consent. Lee Ma Ri agreed to the plans made by her and her mother so that the divorce did not happen. Raphael is angry with Lee Ma Ri after he finds out about the artificial insemination being done without his consent. Raphael realized that Lee Ma Ri did this on purpose so that their divorce was annulled.

3. Unexpected artificial insemination in Woori
Woori the Virgin (Photo: Viu)

A fatal error occurs that changes Woori’s life at the Rosy Gynecology Clinic. Woori, who was supposed to have her health checked at the clinic, got artificial insemination by accident. Yeo Jin Hee (Hwang Woo Seul Hye), a doctor at the clinic, made the mistake of not focusing due to a broken heart. Yeo Jin Hee suspects Oh Woori is Lee Ma Ri and vice versa. Lee Ma Ri wanted to perform artificial insemination at Rosy Gynecology Clinic using Raphael’s sperm.

The first patient that Yeo Jin Hee examined was Woori and he mistook Woori for Ma Ri. Woori who was sleepy didn’t notice when Yeo Jin Hee called his name as Lee Ma Ri. Yeo Jin Hee who thought Woori was Ma Ri immediately took artificial insemination.

Yeo Jin Hee only realized her mistake when she was in Lee Ma Ri’s examination room. Yeo Jin Hee was shocked when he realized that he had misread the patient data he had. Yeo Jin Hee tries to cover up her panic in front of Lee Ma Ri and has yet to admit what she did wrong. Yeo Jin Hee can only hope that Woori doesn’t get pregnant because of the artificial insemination.

Yeo Jin Hee’s estimate was wrong, some time later Woori became pregnant and Lee Ma Ri found out Yeo Jin Hee’s mistake. Woori did not think that the pregnancy that happened to her was because of the doctor’s fault. On the other hand, Lee Ma Ri was annoyed that it was Woori who was carrying Raphael’s child instead of her.

4. Chaos at the press conference and shock at the hospital

Woori the Virgin (Photo: Viu)

Kang Jae is targeting Noh Man Chul (Kim Sun Woong), a criminal suspected of having ties to an ecstasy dealer named Chairman Kim. Kang Jae’s investigation continues into the press conference held at Raphael’s Diamond Cosmetics.

Noh Man Chul suspected that Kang Jae was at the place and Kang Jae’s guess was proven right. The press conference was about the drama starring the famous actor Choi Sung Il (Kim Soo Ro). Noh Man Chul suddenly appears in the middle of the ongoing press conference and makes him immediately ambushed by Kang Jae.

At the same time, Choi Sung Il also met Oh Eun Ran (Hong Eun Hee) his old love at the press conference. Choi Sung Il was unable to answer questions from reporters when he saw Oh Eun Ran. The chaos grew when Woori saw Raphael, Kang Jae and Oh Eun Ran, Woori’s mother, at the press conference. Woori faints with the incident he witnessed at the press conference.

Woori was immediately rushed to the hospital by Oh Eun Ran, Kang Jae and Raphael for a checkup. The results of the doctor’s examination shocked everyone because the doctor said that Woori was pregnant. Woori, who did not believe the doctor’s words, asked for repeated pregnancy tests. The test results remain the same and Woori is indeed pregnant due to artificial insemination carried out by doctors at the Rosy Gynecology Clinic.

5. Kang Jae was surprised by Woori’s answer when he proposed to her
Woori the Virgin (Photo: Viu)

Woori gets a bouquet of flowers when he goes to his friend’s wedding. There is an unwritten rule that states the person who gets the flower must get married within 6 months. Kang Jae sees the bouquet of flowers Woori got when he picked up Woori from the wedding.

Woori likes Kang Jae, but he’s not sure he wants to marry this man. Woori tries to talk about marriage with Kang Jae, unfortunately Kang Jae tries to avoid the conversation. After learning about the unwritten rules of a flower bouquet, Kang Jae thinks about marrying Woori without discussing it with Woori first.

Kang Jae decides to propose to Woori at the church with the help of the choir group there. Right on the appointed day, Kang Jae asked Woori to come to church. In the churchyard, the choir comes to Woori according to Kang Jae’s plan.

When Kang Jae expressed his intentions to Woori, Kang Jae was greeted with an unexpected answer. Woori admits that he is indeed pregnant and makes Kang Jae confused. Apart from Kang Jae, the people at the church also did not expect Woori’s statement.

More curious about Woori’s fate, right? Watch this drama every Monday and Tuesday only on Viu. (1NEWS)