5 Years Not Coming Home, Sailor Surprises His Mother Brings His Prospective Wife | 1NEWS

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In the video with a duration of about 2 minutes 41 seconds, the video uploader initially showed the moment when he was on the ship. He was then seen first heading to Tanjung Pinang to pick up his future wife.

“Arrived in Jakarta for transit and waited 10 hours for the next flight to Kalimantan. At 06.00 am we flew to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Finally we arrived in Balikpapan and went straight to Samarinda (hometown),” he said happily.

Arriving at the house, the mother who happened to be sitting on the terrace could not help but cry in disbelief when she saw her son coming home.

“What I’ve been waiting for finally happened. Thank God I was able to surprise my mother and family (to the point of crying). Finally, I was given the opportunity to go home while introducing my future wife,” he wrote.

The sailor hasn't been home for 5 years, surprise his parents on Eid© (TikTok @bob.bewok)