Because of Produce 101, Aron admits he wants to leave NU’EST? | Kpop Chart

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Recently, Aron, who was a member of NU’EST, admitted that he wanted to leave the group at some point Produce 101.

He told the story through one of the Youtube programs, Korean Cowboys, where Aron said he had experienced depression and mild anxiety because 4 members of NU’EST participated in Produce 101.

Aron NU’EST at KOREAN COWBOYS program (

“I was the only one who didn’t join the program for some reason, but after they joined (Produce 101), our group was successful. From that moment on, I felt a heavy burden on my shoulders,” explained Aron, who felt like leaving the group right then and there.

Aron even changed his lifestyle, from stopping drinking alcohol to not leaving the house because he was worried that his actions could ruin the hard work of the other 4 NU’EST members.

Aron NU’EST at KOREAN COWBOYS program (

But fortunately, the four members of NU’EST and the agency that oversees Aron gave him encouragement and said that he had also worked hard all this time for the group.

“Until now, I’m still grateful and grateful to my members for that, and my agency as well. They really helped me to get through those times,” said Aron.

Aron NU’EST at KOREAN COWBOYS program (

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