Celebrity Confesses Nose Implant Infection, Forced to Remove | 1NEWS

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He wanted his nose to look sharp but instead it was painful, red and swollen.

Dream – A terrible incident was experienced by the Permesta Dhyaz celebgram. The nasal implant he had installed became infected, causing swelling and redness.

Through her Instagram account @permestadhyaz, the daughter of culinary content creator Farida Nurhan shared a portrait of how her nose got infected in the first place.

He felt a disturbing lump on his left nose, the longer the lump grew and became painful.

“The lump is still getting bigger, I have consulted a doctor’s application. It’s getting late, how come my nose is red,” wrote Dhyaz on Instagram.

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dhyaz© instagram

In just one day, he felt excruciating pain. His nose was swollen to the point where his eyes were red.

“Eh, the next morning it’s really red + swollen like the first surgery. The difference is it really hurts,” he said.

Unable to bear the pain, he came to the hospital and was advised to have his nasal implant removed.

“It turned out that my nasal implant was infected. The swab process, because tomorrow (Monday) I have to take my nose implant,” he said.

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Can’t Install Inpaln Again

dyaz© instagram

Dhyaz was asked not to use a nose implant for the next 3 months.

“You can’t put implants for 1-3 months,” he said.

Until finally the nasal implant was removed, she felt relieved and the pain was gone.

“The second day after removing the implant. and it turns out that my implant has absolutely no problems Odd BUT REAL,” he said.

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Netizen Comments

Dhyaz’s post flooded netizen comments, he was considered less grateful with his nose. Implants are installed to make the nose look sharper.

“Grateful for what God has given and enough to be cared for so that it is better and more useful,” write one of the accounts.

“Definitely regret it, beautiful first I swear,” another netizen said.

“The definition of making yourself difficult, isn’t it, like this if you’re not grateful,” other comments.