For Health reasons, Dewi Perssik sucks 3.5 liters of fat from inside her body

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Various beauty procedures to create a healthy and ideal body are now increasingly diverse, one of which is liposuction. Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery that is used to remove unwanted body fat. This is done to get the ideal body shape or to overcome certain diseases.

However, this procedure is certainly not cheap. It’s no wonder that liposuction is then widely practiced by public figures. Recently, the singer Dewi Perssik is reportedly doing liposuction. Not aiming to change his body shape, the dancer admitted to doing liposuction to reduce the bad fat in his body.

Dewi Perssik performs liposuction up to 3.5 liters from her body

Dewi Perssik sucks 3.5 liters of body fat | Credit: @dewiperssik9 via Instagram

Dewi Perssik performed liposuction using the lipolysis method on April 30, 2022. This method is an injection of fat to melt fat in the body that hardens and becomes muscle.

Not only a little, the 36-year-old dancer removed 3.5 liters of fat from his body.

“I have 3.5 liters. A bucket is just fat in the stomach. Try to imagine and the color is like oil, ” said Dewi Perssik as quoted from Insertlive, Saturday (14/5).

After undergoing the procedure, Dewi Perssik was surprised when she saw her body fat which looked like oil.

The reason for doing liposuction is not to shape the body, but for health

Liposuction for health reasons | Credit: @dewiperssik9 via Instagram

When asked about the reason for doing liposuction, Dewi Perssik admitted that she did the surgery for health reasons. He did not do it with the reason to change his body shape.

“For health, if you make an ideal body, my body is already ideal. It’s just that the sport is heavy, pole dancing, “ said Dewi Persik.

The swordsman only reduces the bad fat which he fears will become a disease if left in his body. The reason is, all this time Dewi Perssik has been doing various strenuous sports that have caused some of her body fat to turn into muscle, one of which is belly dance.

“My body is so tight, it’s tight, so the tightness of the fat has become muscle because I often belly dance. Right, if the women are belly dancing, the hip area must have fat. The fat makes your stomach shake. So I threw it away.” continued Dewi Persik.

To undergo this liposuction surgery, Dewi Perssik takes up to four to five hours. However, by doing so, it can reduce the risk of various diseases, such as cholesterol.

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