Gamelan Theft in Tabanan Happens Again, Police Are Still Investigation – 1NEWS

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Beritabali/ist/Theft of Gambelan in Tabanan Happens Again, Police are Still Investigating.

The case of gamelan device theft has occurred again in Tabanan. This time, the garong targeted gamelan equipment in Banjar Pasekan Belodan, Dajan Peken Village.
This incident was only known on Friday, (13/5). The Tabanan City Police Chief, Kompol I Made Pramasetia, said his party had yet to find a bright spot in the case.

“Not yet,” he said briefly via WhatsApp on Saturday (14/5).

In the case of the theft in Banjar Pasek Belodan, the thief managed to take 64 leaves of gambelan angklung and four reongs which were stored in the local banjar bale.

Previously, cases of gamelan device theft occurred at several points in Tabanan district. So far, the police have not been able to solve this series of cases.

One of them is the case of the theft of gamelan equipment at Pura Luhur Puncak Paruman in Banjar Adat Batannyuh, Belayu Village, Marga. The theft of gamelan equipment at Dalem Temple, Pekraman Village, Banjar Adat Suralaga, located in Banjar, Suralaga Customary Service, Abiantuwung Village, Kediri, to theft at Bale Agung Umakaang Temple, Banjar Geluntung Kelod, Geluntung Village, Marga District.

Writer : Tabanan Contributor

Editors : I Komang Robby Patria